Install DevOps Toolchain

  1. Setup Artifactory

    • Startup Artifactory
    • Setup Admin Account
    • Port 8082
  2. Setup Tomcat

    • Startup Tomcat
    • Update tomcat-users.xml
    • Port 8080
  3. Setup Jenkins

    • Startup Jenkins
    • Port 8090
  4. Setup Maven

    • Startup MAVEN_HOME
    • Generate maven settings.xml and settings-security.xml

    mvn -emp mvn -ep

Create Artifactory repository


  1. Setup SSH for GitHub. Generating a new SSH key

  2. Create a GitHub repository.

  3. Create a Spring Boot Project.

  4. Import Project to STS.

  5. Configure for SCM and Artifactory.

We would be reusing this project to showcase the full DevOps pipeline including Git, Jenkins and Artifactory and more. To facilitate these activities we had made these additional changes:

  • distributionManagement - Tells Maven that these are the repositories where I wish to push my code i.e springboot-junit-libs-release-local for releases and springboot-junit-libs-snapshot-local for the snapshot builds.

  • scm - Tells Maven the Source Code Management repository we wish to connect to, GitHub in this case

  • plugin - maven-release-plugin will help with releasing of the code to the releases repository.

  1. Commit changes to the feature branch and push to GitHub.
  2. Create a pull request to develop branch and merge.

Continuous Integration

  1. SSH authentication between GitHub and Jenkins
  2. Install and Configure Jenkins Plugins.
    • Conditional Buildstep Plugin
    • Deploy to container Plugin
    • Environment Injector Plugin
    • Git Parameter Plugin
    • GitHub Branch Source Plugin
  3. Build SNAPSHOT version using Jenkins.
  4. Configure Jenkins to Deploy to Tomcat.
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