Spring framework for Cloud Native Applications

SpringBoot Cheatsheets

Before we dive into the Cheatsheets here’s a bit of TLDR πŸ˜„

First there was the Spring Framework (2004). The goal of the Spring Framework was to provide a simple productive well architected substitute for some of the API is that we’re coming from the J2EE world at that time. It has been a highly successful framework. Since then what has really developed is a family of projects under the spring umbrella (Spring IO). These projects are not part of the core Spring Framework but they follow the same principles and are easy to adopt.

Spring Cloud is a sub-project within the spring IO umbrella and yet it is actually several projects itself. So it is actually an umbrella within an umbrella. I have had to work with Spring Cloud lately for my day job and I have tried to piece together these Cheatsheets for a quick reference of the concepts. Spring Cloud has very good documentation to get started with. Surely refer documentation for any deep dive.