AWS CheatSheets

To support with my AWS Certification journey, I was putting together these exam-specific Cheat Sheets. Think these might be useful for others too. These were written to give a birds eye view of different AWS services from a Certification perspective. (specifically for the AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solutions Architect Associate, AWS Developer Associate and AWS DevOps Professional).

Wish you all the best with your AWS exams πŸ˜„

  • CLI

    Tips and Tricks

  • S3

    Scalable Storage in the Cloud

  • Lambda

    Run Code Serverless

  • DynamoDB

    Managed NoSQL Database

  • API-Gateway

    Build, Deploy and Manage APIs

  • Kinesis

    Work with Real-Time Streaming Data

  • Route53

    Scalable DNS and Domain Name Registration

  • Storage

    Storage Options in AWS

  • Caching

    Caching Options in AWS

  • Security

    Security Fundamentals in AWS

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring Basics in AWS

  • SQS

    Managed Message Queues

  • CDK

    AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

  • CICD

    CICD in AWS